Company History

Ideas Un Limited was incorporated in January 2006 as a pioneer in digital signage in sub sub-Saharan Africa. Started operations with one screen at Prestige Plaza at the food court for third party advertising.

2008, We received Scala ( partnership in the region. Started using Scala in our then existing 7 locations.

2009-2010, We were in an additional 17 locations in the country

2013, We had partnership with A Open


Our partners

Ideas Un Limited provides its customers with the necessary tools to maximize their company efficiency and increase their profitability.

These include technologies such as digital signage and communications, software integration, disaster recovery and other digital applications that are critical to a customer’s communications technology needs.

Ideas Un Limited also provides support in maintaining networks and software for customers as needed.

It’s  working along with other brands that we have been able to spread our wings and do more across the border.

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Latest Projects

Launch of Info Screen.

Based on research, we launched the info screen in 15 different outlets. The results have been positive for our partners